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Our two admins are Nomi! and Max! who share all responsibilities so if you can’t find one the other should be around to help,

CREDITS! This site couldn't be what it is without MAX'S Amazing graphics! REE'S beautiful miniprofile, KATY'S lovely member directory and VANESSA'S face claim! Site Concept belongs to Max and Nomi.

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 Posted: May 8 2017, 04:51 AM
Twenty-One years old
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The Rules
All must abide!
001. Registration!

Please register an OOC account first. This will be your main account. One word only, and in the format of normal capitalization without any special characters (i.e. "Nomi").

Afterwards, feel free to register with your character’s first and last name in normal capitalization i.e. "John Smith."

Your character must be registered with their "real world" reincarnated name i.e. "Susan Williams" rather than "Snow White" (and no past/fairytale name of theirs as either first or last name, please, since they're reincarnated folk!)

Don't worry if you make a mistake just PM an admin and we'll fix it for you!

When you make an account, please let the admins know in the cbox if possible because we require admin validation to let you post! And the sooner we see it, the sooner you can get to apping!

002. Playbys!

Playbys must be a real person. They can be an actor, singer or model but not a cartoon or anime character.

Here at "A Silver Storm" we allow almost all face claims with a few exceptions: face claims under the age of 18, face claims whose ages can't be verified, anyone who has asked not to be used, youtubers and unsigned instagram models. please take this into consideration.

Please try and keep playbys within five years of the age that you would like to play your character. We don't want to see a 40 year old actress playing a 19 year old character. We'll sometimes make exceptions if your face claim happens to look like they've been drinking unicorn blood for the past twenty years and haven't aged at all, but as a general rule of thumb if we feel your face claim doesn't fit the age of the character, we'll have to ask you to change one or the other.

A work around this is if you only use images of the actor when they were the age of the character e.g if you wanted to use Natalie Dormer but wanted to rp her as say, 20 (she's 30+ now) you could do this if you used photoshoots from when she was around that age. Pro-tip: fansites usually catalogue photoshoots by year!

We do not accept whitewashing here on "A Silver Storm", we encourage diversity of all forms, including race, gender and sexuality!

003. Word Count!

We are an intermediate to advanced roleplay here at "A Silver Storm" so we have a minimum word count of 300+ words per post. We understand that not everyone can churn out 1000 words every time they post, and if your word count is occasionally under the required amount that's fine. However, with that said, no one-liners and if your post count is consistently under 300 words, we'll have to send you a PM warning about your word count.

004. Rating!

We are rated Mature. However we do ask that you put an [M] in the title of your thread. Most sites simply have this rating for sex, but here we do ask that you consider your thread as if it was on the screen. If your post contains any of the following: strong violence, frequent strong language, strong portrayals of sexual activity, scenes of sexual violence or strong blood and gore then you should rate it [M].

Sometimes I know it can be difficult to tell what is considered "strong" so I leave this up to member's own judgement.

Also if you feel like your post may contain triggers please respect your fellow members and put a trigger warning at the beginning of your post.

Because we are a mature site no members under the age of 18 can join. I know it sucks, right? Please do not lie about your age. If you want to know why, you can read more here. Even if you didn't intend to engage in writing smut for the safety of our members we'll have to ask you to come back when you're 18. Of course, I have no way of knowing whether you're telling the truth about your age, but please be honest and respectful

which leads us to...

005. Respect!

Discriminatory language and behaviour will not be tolerated on this site. And if the admins see evidence of this you will be given a warning. If abuse of a discriminatory nature continues you will be banned permanently.

Don't be rude or mean to your fellow members. If you have a problem with a member then sort that out through PM (Note: PMs are logged and we'll be able to monitor your behaviour) or by contacting a member of staff and we'll try our best to deal with the situation.

Also no advertising or spam in the cbox.

006. Activity!

Without which we have no site! We do have activity checks every month which require 4 posts (per member not character) to have been made within the past month. The only time you are not obligated to complete the 4 posts requirement is if during the month past you've been on a hiatus or absence. If you're a recently made member, you get the first month to relax and not worry about the activity check at all.

We don't have any strict activity requirement, only that you should be posting and plotting with all your characters not just one or two. If we notice that you have a lot of characters and you're not using some of them, we'll have to ask you to give up some, sorry!

007. Graphics!

Avatar sizes are 250x400, and we do ask that you properly size them

Currently we don't allow any signatures. We may reconsider if that is something that members are really passionate about having but for now they're not allowed.

008. Mini Profiles!

To ensure everyone is following the graphics sizing rules and rules pertaining to the individual character created, you will not be accepted until your character's mini profile is completed. This includes having the avatar at a 250x400 size, and the information blanks filled out (with the correctly sized gif as well).

Once the mini profile is completed, your application will be accepted and filed accordingly in the Plotters section. A mini profile completion upon acceptance ensures he board has an organized and clean look to it, which makes it a pleasant experience for all of us, and for guests who are looking to join. Everyone benefits!

009. Claims!

Because claims are a very important part of roleplaying on a board with so many options to choose from, we ask that before posting anything in character, you fill out all the necessary claims (Canon List , Face Claim , and Member Directory).

Once an admin has added those claims in, you can feel free to start and post in threads! But claims are important, so please don't forget!

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